Saturday, October 15, 2005

Ok, we'll toss yesterday up to a free day. I started the day with good intentions, but left the house unprepared for lunch time hunger pains--and they hit hard. Yep, we could have stopped somewhere for something healthy, but a burger sounded really good. So we stopped at Wendy's, and I ate 75% of a single (no cheese) and half an order of fries.

Pizza PieBut later we decided it was truly going to be a free day and went out for pizza. And holy crap, when did a large become the size of a smallish medium??? It figures, we decided we're going to just ENJOY, and there was not a whole lot of pizza there...

Do I feel guilty?

Hell, no.

One of the things I don't understand, surfing around support boards, is when people get honestly upset because they popped 3 french fries into their mouth, or they were stuck somewhere and had to eat what was available, and they go over daily calories by 40-50.

We all have to learn to eat in Real Life, not just with specially prepared foods in front of us. Once in a while you're going to consume some not-so-wonderful-for-you things, and it's ok. As long as you know you can limit it to one day every once in a while, it's a good thing.

And I do understand some people are in a place emotionally where they just can't allow themselves a "slip" because it will cause an avalanche of poor food choices, but for the most part--enjoy once in a while.

Your sanity will thank you.

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