Wednesday, March 04, 2020

Happy New Saddle Day

Ok, I gave the stock seat on my Domane a good 300 miles, and while it was okay, I couldn't do more than 10 miles at a time before I had to get off for a bit. And even during that 10, I found myself moving around a lot, trying to alleviate pressure points.

So I spent the bucks and got a Specialized Power Pro with Mimic, and holy fark, what a difference.

(Yes, I put a Specialized saddle on a Trek bike. I'm evil like that.)

I put it on this morning, and as soon as I headed out, I knew there was going to be a huge difference. I usually start out with an "ouch" that settles into, eh, okay. This time I just sat and rode. My sit bones hit where sit bones are supposed to, I didn't feel pressure or pain, and didn't move around at all.

I gave it 7.5 miles, kinda slow, just getting the feel for it and a new pair of gloves. By the end of the ride I knew I needed to lower the nose of the seat about a millimeter, but other than that, yeah, this seat is worth the cost.

Tomorrow's ride will likely be twice as long to give it a good test; I've already adjusted the nose and am ready (presuming I don't go out here again this afternoon...) but I have a feeling it's going to be a fairly comfy 15.

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