Wednesday, February 20, 2019

It's a process, and I hate it

Not the bike riding; I dig that. But the whole process of building better habits and getting into a shape other than round, and then not seeing scale results, sucks. If My Fitness Pal was correct, I'd weigh 10 pounds less than I do right now. I log all my food, I log my exercise, and when I click on "Complete" at the end of the day, it tells me how much I'll weigh in 5 weeks if every day is like the one I just logged.

My calorie intake is basically the same every day. My workouts are consistent. But the scale has not budged since the end of December, I think.

I've been super annoyed about that. I know I have things working against me, the total absence of growth hormone being one of them. I have a difficult time building lean muscle mass because of that, and muscle repair takes me a long time.

But still. I'm biking an average of 12 miles a day. I get my heart rate up. And the scale does not budge.

Yet...I am, clearly, building a little muscle. And I've had a few non-scale victories lately. Today I had one of them. For years, in any kind of women's clothing, I've worn a 2XL. But I grabbed a pair of track pants for today's ride and didn't look to see what they were until after the ride...and they're a pair of women's L that I bought by mistake last year.

They're comfortable. The waist isn't tight. The legs weren't squeezing my thighs.

So, that's something. I am making progress.

I was only able to get 11 miles in today, and might not be able to ride tomorrow because of the weather.

But...we're rearranging things in the room with the treadmill and rower so I can bring in my road bike and stick it on a trainer. At least I'll be able to get some sort of riding in on rainy or too-hot days.

And I need to make use of the treadmill. I decided to shoot for a 15 K race next January. My pace needs to be under 15 miles/minute and right now I'm probably at 17.

I can do it.

If I don't croak.

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