Friday, February 22, 2019


All right. Not only have I committed to a 15K in January, I committed to a 60 mile walk in November. Three day, 60 miles, to raise money for breast cancer.

I fully intend to use my bike as a major part of my cardio work; I did the walk a couple years ago after using it for a good deal of my training, and it worked. This year, since I have to start jogging to get my pace down for that race, I'm counting on being in better shape for the walk than I was then.

I also intend to be a hell of a lot lighter. I'm at least 20 pounds lighter than I was at the last walk. If I can be 50 or more, I'll be ecstatic. At the very least, I wanna be buff.

I know, but I can dream.

And my feet already hurt, just thinking about it.

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