Sunday, May 24, 2020

Back to inside...

I had this set up for my indoor put-put rides. Teh trusty Townie 7D, not really meant for fast fitness rides but more for cruising and with baskets on it, shopping.

My intent was to just pedal slowly and watch crap on TV, but then my hip seized up on it, reminding me that recumbents do not like me and the crank forward on this is, apparently, like a recumbent as far as my body is concerned.

It's been fine for shorter rides and tons of fun outside. But after 20 minutes...ouch. And that was an ouch that lasted for over a week and kept me from riding at all.

So, I parked it in the garage and brought the road bike in. This week the weather is turning HOT and I am a delicate flower, so I presume my riding will be done inside to prevent my death or from me curling up in a tight ball at the edge of the road while I cry like a little girl.

What I did not expect?

This is so much more comfortable on the trainer. And quieter. I still need a mat under it because it rocks a bit when I really get going, but this morning's test ride was quite nice.

Part of that might be owed to slapping a slightly wider seat on it. It's not at all cushy, but I don't feel like my sit bones are being massively wounded while I'm on it.

So, yeah, I clearly have a fat ass.

One short 25 minute ride is not enough to really decide that this is THE seat, but I didn't feel like squirming around and didn't hit 5 miles and wish for either a magical fairy to sprinkle numb-butt dust on me nor did I decide holy hell I need a break.

Along with swapping the seat, I added speed and cadence sensors so I at least have a better idea of how fast and far I'm going. I was just timing it on the Townie and I know I was off by quite a bit, simply because I don't think I was pedaling fast enough.

After about 5 minutes I also put a fan on the floor in front of the bike, because inside riding is hot. Go figure.

I did about half an hour just to test it out, and will probably do another half later. Or longer. I have a whole bunch of series to binge and I am years behind on most of them.

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