Saturday, September 26, 2020

I really have been riding...

 Writing here, not so much. Riding, though, yep. With the fires blanketing much of California I've done way more miles inside on the trainer than I wanted--enough that I started to hate it--but in the last couple of weeks I was able to get outside.

Today, though...smoke. Ugh.

All through the summer I did a couple of virtual riding events just to keep me going, but September was dedicated to riding for the Great Cycle Challenge, raising money for childhood cancer research and treatment. I set two goals: raise $2500, and ride 300 miles. For most people, that 300 miles might not seem like much, but it was a stretch for me and I honestly wasn't sure I could do it.


Yesterday afternoon--following a 25 mile ride in the morning--I finished off the last 5 miles on a brand new single speed. 

I also surpassed my fundraising goal, hitting $2800 last night.

So September was a decent month on the bike for me. For October I've committed to a 150 mile virtual to raise money for the American Cancer Society, specifically for breast cancer. Normally I would walk a multiple day event for Komen or (as planned this year) Pledge the Pink, but with those events canceled, I am really digging the virtual events.

I'm thinking about doing as many of those 150 miles on the single speed as I can. The gear ratio on it is just a tiny bit tougher than the gear I normally zip around town in on my Domane, so it's a decent workout. And it'll make those 150 feel like 200 or more, so, bonus.

And that Trek FX I bought in May, the shiny carbon? I think I've put all of 50 miles on it. It's just not the comfortable ride I hoped for. It's not that I dislike it; I'm ambivalent about it. Ambivalent enough that I'm seriously considering selling it.

I gave the Townie to a friend who will love it as much as I did, so I'm down to 4 bikes. Well, 4 and a half, but I'm thinking about selling the Halfbike, too. 

Onward to October...

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