Friday, September 02, 2005

OK, the food boxes are small, but... holy canole, I just had dinner and I am stuffed. They do want you to supplement with fruits and veggies and dairy.

Breakfast is one of their entrees, a dairy or protein, and a fruit. I could not manage the fruit this morning; I'm not a morning eater and I'm gonna have to work up to that. The shredded wheat cereal was very good, and I had a lite yogurt with it. Oh, and you're supposed to put 4 ounces of skim milk on the cereal, but being lactose intolerant, I didn't...

Lunch is an entree with a dairy or protein,and a salad. Um, we were out and I did not think to bring food with me, so I had a small McD's burger, and 5 french fries. Bad on me for day one, eh?

Snack is a dairy or protein, and a fruit. I did not have snack this afternoon... never thought about it.

Dinner is an entree, salad or fruit, 2 vegetables, and a fat. I had the pot roast entree, and it had more meat than I normally would eat, with a few odd carrots and potatoes in gravy. And it was damned tasty. I made a salad and some green beans, thinking I had enough green beans to count as 2 veggies, but I just looked, and I did not. I had no clue what to have as a fat. Lick the margrine 2 or 3 times? I know I need fat, if I can't find other ways I may have to get some flaxseed oil.

So...I am behind on food. I missed a fruit this morning, one at snack, and a dairy or protein at snack. I shorted myself a veggie at dinner. I still have "dessert" to look forward to later, one of their little pre-packaged snack thingies.

Now I'm not sure if I sure try to have a fruit with it to make up for not having that earlier, or skip it today.

I'm not sure what the total calories are in the womens' program... the entrees seem to be about 220-250 calories each. I'm guessing it's about 1200-1400 depending on the chosen dairy/protein/salad stuff. And somewhere on the website I read that there are a bunch of "free" veggies, stuff you can pretty much eat as much of as you like.


Yep, pretty much unlimited salad-type veggies, and lots of them are my favorites (like cucumber, celery, spinach, alphalpha sprouts...)

Hopefully the rest of the food will be as tasty. If it is, I'm gonna be in fat kat heaven.

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