Wednesday, September 14, 2005

We were out most of the afternoon, so we wound up stopping at Denny's for an early dinner. I went in thinking What the hell, one meal won't throw everything out of kilter, but I wound up ordering something actually healthy. Grilled Tilapia with some green beans and just a little bit of rice. Not too shabby, and it still fit in as a low glycemic meal.

The Other Half's food is scheduled to be delivered tomorrow, so he's having one last evening of decadence with peach cobbler. I think his big worry is that the portions will kill him and he'll starve for the first 2 weeks as he adjusts to it. I adjusted pretty quick; a small piece of fish and some green beans stuffed me tonight. It doesn't take much now, and I hate feeling overly full, so for me it's all good. He'll get used to it, or learn to love lots of veggies...

I think I weighed last Thursday morning, but this week I'm pushing it back to Friday (the official weight date, that is; I still weight just about every morning.) Looking back, I started on a Friday so I weighed in a day early last week.

This would all be so much easier if there were just a pill to take. Melt the fat away and look 10 years younger. Yeah, I'd buy that!


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