Tuesday, November 22, 2005

The other night, when I had 400 some odd calories left to play with and was really hungry?

Well, I caved. I did not eat Good Stuff. My son came home at 10 P.m. and was hungry, too, and pancakes sounded really good to both of us. Great big fluffy pancakes, dripping with butter and syrup. It was a Mrs. Buttersworth calorie fest.

And last night? Well, let's just say I ate out and didn't make the effort to pick reasonable things from the menu.

So after 2 days of not making the wisest choices, I dreaded getting on the scale.

And what do you know... The 2.5 pounds gained from last week were gone, along with 1.5 of their little fatty friends. It's not the Official Weekly Weigh In, of course, but it sure as hell made me feel better.

There won't be a Thanksgiving Blowout dinner, and no leftovers to contend with (we're eating out...All Hail Denny's) so I have high hopes of not gaining anything else this week, except maybe a pound or two of water if my DDAVP doesn't wear off.

And today's weighing makes me unofficially at more than 20 pounds lost overall.


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