Friday, December 30, 2005

Another even week--no loss, no gain. Considering how crappy I ate all week, that's a major victory. There have been cookies (oooh, my mother in law makes these awesome oatmeal crispies that I am powerless against) and pumpkin pie on Christmas, and yesterday's Arby's regular, followed by a piece of chocolate cake, and then a late dinner at Denny's were probably not the best choices I could have made (but they were goooood...)

We're grocery shopping today, I need to get some reasonable foods in this house to keep me from reaching for the junk (and to keep me from eating out) and to get me back on track.

Bench PressWe're also checking out the base gym today. It occured to us that we can likely use it for pool, which I need, but for now free beats $100 month for a membership where I have to fight for a lane in the pool (though later, probably after we know how much we'll get socked for in taxes this year, we'll join Gold's Gym....pool plus tons of classes there, especially karate, which I want to try again even if it hurt, and damn, can I create a longer run on sentence???)

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