Wednesday, September 28, 2005

OK, if it's not water weight, I'm going to shoot myself. Over the last couple days my weight has inched back up the 3.5 pounds that I lost last week, in spite of sticking to the diet like Superglue... I've struggled to take in 1200 calories a day--the last couple days I've been under 900. Not good, I know, but I doubt just a couple days is enough for a body to suddenly scream Oh No we have to hold onto everything!

Intellectually I know it's water for the sole reason that my DI medication hasn't worn off for the last 4 nights, and when it doesn't, I don't pee off everything I've had to drink. But knowing that doesn't make me feel any better.

If I do get a couple nights of breakthrough on the meds, I think I'll be even for the week. No loss. Dammit.

Annoyed And Disappointed

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