Thursday, September 29, 2005

There is a downside to the whole NurtriSystem plan. The food is good, its filling, it works, but... When you buy your food, you get 28 days' worth. If you choose autoshipping, they'll send you the same thing everytime unless you tell them to change things. All god.

But you buy 28 days' worth, and they autoship every 30-31 days. So at the end of Day 28, if you've stuck to it and not eaten other foods as your main entrees, you're out of food.

It does not add up. Nope.

So...I'm at the end of Day 28. I do have some food left over because there were a couple meals when I ate out (made good choices, I think) and there are a couple of things I won't touch because they're (to me) nasty. I'm left to wait until my next shipment gets here (supposedly it goes out tomorrow, I'll believe that when I see it) and to contemplate whether or not I should have saved all the boxes the food came in.

'Cause if nothing else, I coulda blended the boxes together for a nice high-fiber carboard shake...


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