Sunday, January 29, 2006

Ok..on my "official" weigh in day the scale was still holding stubbornly at the same number it has been for...7 weeks? Something like that. I expected a gain, frankly, because I've had fries a couple of times and a Big Mac once. Oh, and a low cal smoothie twice. That was freaking good... That may be lunch today.

Yes, I'm drinking my lunch.

So no gain on the scales Friday morning. Just the same number that's been taunting me.

But this morning...woohoo, a 1 pound loss. That pound might be back tomorrow with a friend, but for now, I'm happy, I needed to see the scale number change in the right direction.

I still have not gotten back into a workout routine, but honestly, it's hard to fathom it with a back that feel like it's about to crumble. I think this summer I'm going to buy one of those tall inflatable pools for the back yard; it wouldn't be good for laps, but it would be find for other workout types. And they're kinda cheap.

We'll see...

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