Friday, January 13, 2006

GorillaSheesh, that's 4 weeks in a row with no change. I had high hopes for this week, until the day before yesterday when I did not eat well--my calories were ok but my food choices were not--and yesterday when I skipped breakfast (had to for an abdominal ultrasound) and was insanely hungry the rest of the day. I wound up having Subway for lunch (not a bad choice, low fat and only 330 calories) but then we had pancakes for dinner (which I'm assuming were driping with calories) and later I as still hungry (really, tummy growling and everything) and I had an apple, and then popcorn.

So I suppose I should be glad I didn't gain, eh...?

I have come to realize that if I don't eat breakfast, or if I do and eat the wrong thing, my appetite is much higher through the day. If I eat oatmeal about an hour after I get up (can't eat before then because of medication issues) I'm not hungry all day and just eat normal amounts and don't crave crap.

Face it, if I had had a box of chocolate here yesterday, I would have eaten it all.

On th food front...I got email from someone else who'd done NutriSystem and had problems with the food; she, too, turned out to have a bad gall bladder, and once she got it out she was able to go back to NS foods. Still had the NutriToots, but no the pain. Since I really liked the food and as doing well weight-wise on it, I would like to be able to go back to it.

Something to look forward to. Presuming I ever get this sucker yanked out.

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