Saturday, January 07, 2006

Okay, I'm on week 3 of a plateau, and while I know I should expect these every once in a while, that doesn't mean it's not annoying the boogers out of me. One part of my brain is moaning "at 1200 calories a day I should be able to sit in front of the TV and just drool and still lose weight" but the rational part is telling me to get off my ample tushy and break a sweat.

But the bad with the good: we did a preliminary run on our taxes, and Uncle Sam wants an insane amount of money from us. Enough that we have no idea how we're going to come up with it. But the good thing? Last year that would have spurred both the Spouse Thingy and I do indulge in a little stress eating, but we didn't.

(Coming soon: Thumper puts up half of what she owns on Ebay) ;)

Step AerobicsI really do need to get a little more physical...I just miss having people to work out with. No excuse, I know, but it was a lot more fun when I lived in Ohio next to several Evil People who dragged me off to aerobics every morning. And I miss being able to train in a martial art. And swimming.

Yep, I'm full of excuses and other, ahem, things...

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